Hearing Care for Infants and Children

Bluegrass Hearing Clinic provides services to children affected by hearing loss. Pediatric audiology is focused on providing education and comfort to parents and children alike. Communication matters, and a single appointment can make all of the difference in your child’s world. 

Understanding Pediatric Audiology

Creating a kid-friendly atmosphere is an important part of educating kids on hearing loss and their daily lives. Our staff is dedicated to helping you and your child feel comfortable in our office, which is why we have a kid-friendly environment and professionals. And in addition to this welcoming feature, health and treatment options remain the core focus of pediatric audiology. 

What To Expect

A pediatric audiologist treats hearing, balance or speech deficits. Diagnostic and rehabilitation services are necessary to prevent long-term issues that affect speech, language and social development. The services provided are similar to normal hearing health checkups, but are created with a tighter focus on the child’s comfort. Once a bond is formed, it will be easier for a pediatric audiologist to ask questions about hearing that lead to the correct answers. 

A child or even the parent is not always aware that a hearing loss is present. Regular testing relies on patient participation in order to get accurate details. Pediatric audiologists are trained to be patient, understanding and to use better communication skills with children. With the help of specialized tools and tests to help with the diagnosis, a pediatric audiologist has everything required to get the job done.  

Before The Appointment

Parents that prepare their kids before the first appointment are a huge help to pediatric audiologists. The first telltale sign of hearing loss is easy to miss. By recognizing this small clue, you can prevent bigger health issues from becoming a problem. Communicate with your child before the appointment by asking hearing related questions. The answers given will be helpful, and in some cases surprising. The more prepared a parent is when seeing a pediatric audiologist, the calmer they will be during the examination. When a child sees how their parents are handling the situation, the mood will be infectious for all.  

Treatment Options

We understand that growth and maturation is a critical part of child development. We have devices available that can grow with your child, ensuring they can keep familiar technology and you don’t have to continually swap out hearing aids or require overadjustments.