Hearing Protection Products

Did you know exposure to over 85 decibels of continuous noise can increase the risk of hearing loss or indefinite impairment? Protecting your hearing from the damaging sound of gun blasts, power tools and industrial machines is important for your success and safety.

Repeated noise exposure compounds as you age, increasing the risk of age-related hearing deterioration. Hearing protection products prevent ear damage by suppressing excessive noise levels while continuing to allow you to hear necessary sounds clearly.

At Bluegrass Hearing Clinic, we provide the latest advancements in hearing protection. Our products offer dynamic noise protection, high-definition listening, and automatic sound-activated compression in multiple easy to wear styles, designed to fit your ear perfectly for a comfortable fit that offers all-day protection from noise damage. If you fear that your hearing has been compromised due to loud noises, then schedule an appointment for a hearing diagnostic test.


SoundGear provides versatile hearing protection products ideal for hunters, law enforcement officers, military personnel or anyone working with industrial machinery. Made by global leader, Starkey Hearing Technologies, they guarantee optimal protection combined with premium hearing technology.

Product Features:

  • Dynamic digital protection
  • High definition sound reproduction
  • All-day, easy-to-wear comfort
  • Sound-activated compression that automatically suppresses noises at 80dB and 93dB

Product Styles

Instant Fit In-The-Canal

The smallest and lightest product available these are perfect for hunters, military personnel, or industrial workers with a discreet design that delivers natural wind reductions and exceptional sound quality in two technology levels.


Offers wearers noise protection and enhancement at an affordable price. Available in two technology levels, this is a great solution for recreational shooters.


Digitally customized for your ear, this option provides optimal electronic noise protection and enhancement technology combining performance and personalization for hunters, shooters, and military personnel.


Musicians and other industry professionals are at risk for developing permanent hearing loss and other hearing disorders from prolonged exposure to loud music.

At Bluegrass Hearing Clinic, we identify protection solutions that work best for you. We offer quality custom products that offer a snug and comfortable fit to ensure you hear sound at a volume that won’t damage your hearing.


Bluegrass Hearing Clinic’s custom in-ear monitors and musician earplugs are specially designed to filter and vent sounds accurately for an enhanced and safe listening experience. Our custom ear plugs fit to the unique contours of your ear for comfortable and continuous use at a volume that won’t damage your hearing.


If you are passionate about music, custom earbuds are for you! Our custom wireless earbuds deliver a comfortable fit combine with premium technology to ensure superior sound quality that cancels unwanted noise for an enhanced listening experience. Our custom sound-isolating designs stream music without interruption for comfortable listening that won’t damage hearing.

Custom Molded Ear Plugs


Frequent swimmers understand the importance of wearing waterproof earplugs to avoid discomfort from trapped water or swimmer’s ear. It is particularly important for children with ear tubes or a hole in their eardrum to wear some type of protection to keep the ear canal dry.

Waterproof earplugs offer optimal protection, keeping the ear canal dry while helping ears equalize comfortably underwater. This superior watertight technology comes in a variety of sizes for hours hassle-free swimming.


Lack of sleep can lead to a multitude of health issues. At Bluegrass Hearing Clinic, we help you take control and cut out the factors disturbing your rest. Whether it’s street noise, loud neighbors, or a snoring partner, our custom-fit ear solutions are comfortable and allows you get a good night’s sleep.

General Noise

Earplugs for noise protection should be worn around any loud environmental noise, such as machinery, power tools, lawn equipment, flying, sporting events, motorcycles, loud recreational activities, etc. to prevent noise-induced hearing loss.

Custom-fit hearing protection offered by Bluegrass Hearing Clinic, protects your ears from harmful noise levels while still allowing you to participate with activities. Our ear plugs fit snug and seal tight to offer the protection you need in a variety of situations.

Reach out to Bluegrass Hearing Clinic in Kentucky today to learn more about different hearing protection products.