While many people choose to go to the doctor and the dentist on a regular basis, many people neglect to schedule regular hearing screenings. Because of this, hearing loss can cause many problems that should have been diagnosed and treated early on. Since a lot of people don’t fully understand the importance of regular hearing screenings, this article is going to take a look at some of the negative impacts of untreated hearing loss.

Communication delays: If young children have a hearing impairment that goes untreated, it could cause them to struggle to learn language and speak clearly. If the hearing loss is not treated, these communication delays can become permanent deficits. With that in mind, hearing needs to be addressed at a young age to ensure children with hearing impairments receive the treatment they need. Luckily, all babies have their hearing tested at birth in the hospital, but it’s then up to the parents to monitor speech delays and potential hearing problems as they get older.

Relationships issues: Whether it’s in school or with parents, hearing loss can sometimes cause a strain on relationships. Teens and young adults often don’t realize they have hearing loss, and if they don’t have regular hearing tests, it can go undiagnosed. Because of this, other people may assume the individual is choosing not to listen, is inattentive, or has trouble following directions. Additionally, these issues may be attributed to learning disabilities or behavioral problems instead of hearing loss. Fortunately, a baseline hearing test around the age of 16 with an additional hearing evaluation every few years can catch hearing loss and prevent further problems.

Social isolation: No matter if you’re a young child, a teenager, or an adult, not having the ability to successfully interact with others because you cannot hear clearly can severely impact your social life. Individuals with hearing loss may choose to isolate themselves rather than face the difficulties of trying to be a part of a group. In order to prevent depression and social isolation, it’s important to be regularly tested at a hearing clinic, especially as you age.

With approximately 20% of Americans reporting they experience some degree of hearing loss, it’s crucial to ensure that you are being properly tested for any possible hearing impairments on a regular basis. Fortunately, regular hearing tests throughout your life along with proper treatment can prevent any harmful effects from hearing loss.