Hearing Aid Fitting & Programming

The hearing aid fitting and programming appointment is an exciting step to finishing your hearing loss treatment journey. Bluegrass Hearing Clinic pays close attention to compatibility during this life-changing appointment. We’ll work closely with you to ensure you get the best technology to fit your hearing loss, lifestyle and aesthetic needs.  

Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

Although the hearing aid arrives preprogrammed, we will fit it to your ear to verify the right physical and technological fit. This is why the dispensing and fitting appointment is important to the treatment plan. A lot of questions will be asked during the fitting to ensure the patient’s satisfaction with the device. Likewise, patients should be prepared to ask questions of their own about wearing heading aids. 

During this appointment, the floor is open for discussion. Preparing a list of questions before arrival can be helpful to ensure you ask everything you need to. If possible, you should bring along a friend or a loved one to help you through the process. This enables you to hear a familiar voice, which aids in both programming and evaluation.  

Live Speech Mapping

Live speech mapping is a form of real ear measurement that takes only a few minutes to complete. It visualizes the sound in real time so that hearing care specialists can make adjustments where necessary. This amazing technology improves the effectiveness of the original settings. Like custom earmolds, live speech mapping programming is specific to the individual wearing the device. 

Accuracy with speech mapping verification technology is in its own league. It saves you from having to get frequent additional adjustments, and it gives you a chance to provide feedback during the initial appointment. Patient feedback will always be a large part of the hearing aid dispensing and fitting process, so don’t be afraid to ask questions or speak up! 

Hearing Aid Verification and Real Ear Measurements

Getting the correct settings in a hearing device requires a form of verification. Even a minor difference in ear shape can change how a hearing device works in an ear. With real ear measurements, hearing care professionals can make changes during the initial fitting, and for milestone checkups. Maximizing device performance keeps your sound quality high, and your issues with hearing low.