Hearing Aid Accessories

Bluegrass Hearing Clinic in Kentucky offers a variety of hearing aid accessories and other items specially designed for people with auditory issues. Read on to learn more about these accessories.


Assistive listening devices amplify the sound from alarm clocks, telephones, and other technology, making them louder to hear for those with hearing loss. ALDs are helpful when hearing aids are unable to distinguish between background and foreground noise. These are personal amplification devices used independently or paired with hearing aids to improve listening.

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Most technology can allow the user to have additional wireless capabilities based on their lifestyle and activity level. This can be accomplished through mobile app or additional devices purchased separately. Bluegrass Hearing offers a variety of these accessories to provide a seamless experience to connect your hearing aid to the device you use most.

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CaptionCall or CapTel technology is an assistive service that uses voice recognition to display words spoken in landline phone conversations. CaptionCall devices and services are free with certification of hearing loss. Contact Bluegrass Hearing Clinic to speak to a hearing care professional to see if you qualify.

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Hearing aids need a steady power supply for optimal performance. A subtle change in power output can affect performance, clarity, and volume control. Hearing aids need specific batteries based on the device size and operation requirements.

Standard “zinc-air” batteries provides power for up to 7 days; depending on the type of hearing aid, battery capacity, and length of time it is used. Smaller batteries may need to be changed every three or four days for 12 to 16 hours of use per day.


Like all technology, hearing aids require care and maintenance. Keeping your devices clean can help prevent wear and tear, ensure optimal operation, and extend the device’s lifetime. Bluegrass Hearing Clinic offers several products, such as hearing aid cleaner solutions, that keep your hearing aid dirt and damage free for an extended device life.

Want to know more about our available hearing aid accessories? Get in touch with the Bluegrass Hearing Clinic team today. Our staff can help you with any questions you may have about our products and services.

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