Are you choosing between a hearing aid and a hearing device or amplifier? People often think that these devices function the same way, but each of them has unique purposes. Knowing the difference between hearing aids VS hearing devices can help you know which is right for you. Read on to learn more about these gadgets.

What Are Hearing Devices or Amplifiers?

Hearing amplifiers are devices that boost the sound of your entire environment. They are also known as personal sound amplifying products or PSAPs. These are over-the-counter devices, so you do not need a medical prescription to purchase them. Anyone who wants a hearing amplifier, whether they are currently diagnosed with hearing difficulties or not, can easily obtain one from a local pharmacy or medical supply store.

A hearing amplifier works by making all the environmental sounds that its microphone perceives louder. They cannot distinguish between background noises and voices and cannot make specific frequencies clearer.

These are best for a patient with very mild hearing loss or a person with a full range of hearing who just wants to amplify the sounds in their environment. The limitations of this device make it impractical to use for people who have more profound hearing loss.

What Are Hearing Aids?

Standard hearing aids are devices that also amplify sounds in the environment, but unlike PSAPs, they work to make things clearer and not just louder. They can isolate certain frequencies and crystalize nearby sounds, depending on what the user has trouble hearing. Many models even have noise cancellation features to make sure they do not interfere with the patient’s ability to hear speech.

A prescription is needed for anyone to purchase a standard hearing aid since these are considered class 1 medical devices by the Food and Drug Administration. Each device has to be calibrated for the specific hearing difficulties of its user based on the diagnosis of their audiologist.

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