Hearing aids are one of the modern marvels of technology that have helped countless people with auditory problems hear the world around them. Over the years, the standard hearing aid has evolved, taking on different forms to cater to the needs and preferences of patients. Hearing aids are now available in various styles. Read on to learn more about some of them.

Behind-The-Ear (BTE) Models

This is the style that people often think of when they refer to hearing aids. They normally have a C-shaped main body that visibly sits behind a person’s ear. This portion of the BTE device often holds the microphones that perceive the sound, the necessary controls, and the electronics that will process and amplify the sound.

This portion of the device is connected to an insertable ear dome or custom earmold that rests in front of or at the entrance of the ear canal via a tube or wire. This dome or mold contains the speaker that plays the amplified sound processed by the hearing aid.

In-the-Ear (ITE) Models

These are hearing aid devices that sit partly in the ear canal and outer ear. The portion of the ITE on the outer ear is often custom molded to the shape of the ear to help it fit snugly and prevent it from falling out. This part can completely cover the outer ear, but some devices have a half-shell mold to make them even smaller and more discreet.

The receiver or microphone is built on the outer portion of the earmold, while the speaker is located in the canal. Some people prefer this model because they are more discreet than BTEs but still have features that smaller devices cannot carry.

Completely-In-The-Canal (CIC) Models

These are the smallest and most discreet forms of hearing aids. The main body of the device is customized to fit into the ear canal and be hidden. The speaker is near the eardrum, while the microphone faces the entrance of the ear canal. Some models have a string to be pulled, which is used to remove the device from the ear. Although it can be visible from the outside, they are very hard to spot because most of them are made from a clear material.

These are just some of the common types of hearing aids available today. Get in touch with Bluegrass Hearing Clinic in Kentucky to learn which style is right for your condition.

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