Are you someone who is having a hard time hearing? Or do you know anyone suffering from hearing loss? Well, cochlear implants may be the solution for the condition. Unlike hearing aids, these devices aren’t surgically implanted in your ear. While hearing aids are used for mild to severe hearing loss, cochlear implants are used for severe to profound loss of hearing.

Cochlear implants only help amplify sounds in your environment rather than restore your hearing. The device directly passes sound to the damaged portions of your ear and delivers sound signals directly to your hearing nerves. Now, let’s take a closer look at how these medical devices work.

How These Medical Implants Work

These medical implants work for both adults and children that have sensorineural conditions. This involves the hairs in the inner ear that pick up sound vibrations and deliver them to the auditory nerves. When these hairs are damaged, the nerves cannot receive sound vibrations, which causes hearing impairment. Cochlear implant surgery directly links the implant to the auditory nerve.

This hearing implant has two parts: external and internal. The external part consists of a speech transmitter and a microphone, while the inner part is a receiver. The external component can be hooked behind the ear, so it sits directly over the internal part of the device. This implant is usually held together by a powerful magnet.

Benefits of Hearing Implants

If you are a person who’s having trouble hearing, then you might need hearing aid implants. They can help you listen to sounds at a nearly normal level. They also make it possible to hear and understand speech without lip-reading. Users also mention that this device made them enjoy music, TV, and talking on the phone much better than before.

Identifying if You Need Hearing Implants

There are many hearing treatments and aids out there. And going through them all can be impractical and arduous. The best way to identify if you need hearing implants is to have yourself tested. Bluegrass Hearing Clinic in Kentucky offers auditory assessments, cochlear implants, and other hearing services. Contact us today!

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