Hearing aids are excellent devices that can greatly help people who have hearing loss. They can increase their ability to perceive sound, even at varying levels of disability. These devices can make their daily life easier and improve their environmental awareness.
If you think you have hearing problems, consider getting these devices. Read on for a brief guide on how to get the right hearing aid.

Get a Diagnostic Hearing Evaluation

To find out what kind of hearing aid you should get, determine the status of your hearing ability first. This can be done through a diagnostic hearing evaluation. Our licensed audiologists are capable of performing such an assessment.

During the process, you’ll be asked first about your general medical history and lifestyle to find out whether these factors have affected your hearing. Next, you’ll go through a hearing impairment exam and audiometric test to check your auditory ability. Through these processes, the audiologist can assess your condition more accurately and identify any specific needs you may have. In the end, this will help them make hearing aid recommendations.

Acquire a Medical Clearance

Get a medical clearance for your ear health from a licensed physician, preferably someone who specializes in ear, nose, and throat diseases. Although medical clearance is no longer required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for adults, they still highly recommend it. It will help you determine the cause of your hearing loss more accurately and rule out other possible medical reasons. For individuals who are below 18 years of age, it is a requirement for getting a hearing aid.

Have a Hearing Aid Fitting

Once you and the audiologist have discussed what type of hearing aid you need to purchase, they’ll ask you to come in again for a fitting. During the appointment, they’ll check whether the device is comfortable to wear. They’ll also adjust its settings to your specific hearing needs. Once the device is ready, you can take it home. There will be a follow-up visit to further fine-tune the hearing aid for your use.

Reach Out to Bluegrass Hearing Clinic

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