Hearing Aid Devices

Styles & Brands

Bluegrass Hearing Clinic in Kentucky offers hearing aid products in a variety of styles and fits. Learn about the benefits of each. We also offer hearing accessories for the home or on the go.

Made For iPhone®

Modern hearing aid brands have built-in technology that allows them to connect to your phone. Transform your iPhone to meet all your listening needs – use it however and whenever, in any situation. Personalize sound settings, adjust volume, stream audio and video, use your iPhone hearing aid as a microphone or find your missing device.


Our rechargeable hearing aids combine flawless fitting, comfortable feel, and advanced technologies so you can be confident about your hearing anytime and anywhere. Find out which one of our rechargeable hearing aid styles is best for you. Schedule a visit to one of our clinics in Kentucky.


Conquer that annoying buzz and constant ringing of tinnitus to reestablish a sense of normalcy in your life with our tinnitus solutions.


Our unique and invisible hearing aid rests comfortably in the ear canal so only you know you are wearing it. Discreet and secure, this device comes loaded with advanced noise technology.


Our innovative and customizable behind-the-ear technology puts you in control, while offering fit options, wireless connectivity, and easy volume control.


Tailor made solutions to fit your lifestyle. Our custom molded, powerful and comfortable in-the-ear hearing aid technology allows for all-day use that meets your needs.


Sleek and subtle, our completely-in-canal devices are molded to the contours of your ear for a superior fit that offers a natural look and an advanced hearing experience.


Discreet, eyeglass-friendly, and externally controllable, small hearing aids with our in-the-canal technology is the perfect piece to comfortably complement any lifestyle.


One of our most popular devices, our reliable and convenient receiver-in-the-canal device offers a lightweight and comfortable feel along with a flexible open-fit design to meet all your hearing needs.

Hearing Aid Brands

Oticon uses groundbreaking technology, outstanding quality, and a human-centered design to offer innovative products that fit your hearing needs. Oticon hearing aids reduce noise around the user to increase comfort and enhance the brain’s ability to distinguish speech signals. Personalize device options let you choose from a variety of styles, performance levels, and sound solutions.


  • Dynamic digital protection
  • High definition sound reproduction
  • All-day, easy-to-wear comfort
  • Sound-activated compression that automatically suppresses noises at 80dB and 93dB

Thanks to modern technology, an innovative spirit, the highest quality standards and industry-leading expertise, Phonak is able to continuously bring you the best possible solutions for your hearing needs. We believe we can do more, do better, for everyone with hearing loss, and we will not stop until wearing a hearing aid is as simple and routine as eyeglasses or contact lenses. After all, why should it be any different?

Featuring cutting-edge technology, Phonak Audéo B-Direct allows you to connect directly to any Bluetooth® phone.

ReSound is committed to helping people rediscover hearing so they can live rich, active, and fulfilling lives. They provide excellent solutions that combine design and technology to meet your life and needs. Smart design solutions provide natural directionality, wind protection and sound localization while ensuring comfort, flexibility, functionality, and durability. We offer several ReSound hearing aids with different technology levels for each of their hearing aid models, including budget friendly options.


  • Surround Sound offers superior sound quality
  • Invisible device design
  • Advanced voice recognition ensures crisp and clear hearing regardless of shifting noise and distortion
  • Binaural directionality technology focuses on spoken audio, maximizing the signal-to-noise ratio
  • App connectivity interacts with hearing aid to enhance hearing

Advanced hearing solutions meet comfort, performance, and personalization. Starkey hearing aids offer multiple product features to improve your hearing experience. They produce an array of designs and options to suit all your needs. Your listening preferences and lifestyle will determine the product family and technology level that best suites you.


  • High-quality streaming on digital devices or stand-alone music players
  • Live sports and track fitness tracking
  • Smartphone companion connects and communicates with digital devices
  • Invisible, micro canal receiver

Signia’s new Nx hearing aids are your natural choice for performance and hearing. Whether you’re in a meeting, taking an important business call, preparing a presentation, or meeting colleagues for lunch, with Signia’s new hearing aids you can enjoy the most natural sound experience along with superior connectivity and audio streaming from your smartphone and TV.

Telephone – Stream phone calls directly from your Apple® smartphone (and with StreamLine Mic from your Android™ smartphone) to your hearing aids for complete convenience.

Music – Listen to your favorite music streamed directly into your hearing aids from your Apple device (and with StreamLine Mic from your Android device) for an outstanding sound experience.

TV – With StreamLine TV, audio from your television can be fed directly into your hearing aids in Dolby® Digital stereo sound. You can easily stream and adjust the volume through the myControl™ App.

Remote control – The myControl App lets you change hearing aid settings remotely and personalize your hearing aids to suit your individual preferences. And if you don’t have a smartphone, the miniPocket™ also provides highly convenient remote control.

Hearing your own voice – Many hearing aid wearers do not like the sound of their own voice as it can sound loud and unnatural. As a world’s first, Signia’s hearing aids solve this: its OVP™ (Own Voice Processing) provides you with a natural sounding own voice combined with optimal hearing of all other sounds for the most pleasant, natural listening experience.

Speech in noise – Thanks to Speech Quality, Signia’s hearing aids enable you to hear speech clearly in all situations through advanced noise suppression technologies. This makes it easier for you to understand your conversation partner, even in very noisy environments such as a restaurant or a conference.

Conversation while moving – The 3D Classifier provides advanced automatic control in all situations to let you enjoy the highest hearing performance. To deliver optimal hearing even when moving, the hearing aid settings are automatically adjusted based on the myControl App’s motion data.

Crystal clear sound – Sound Clarity offers the most natural, lifelike sound in all environments. This lets you enjoy crystal clear sound, even in the loudest environments.

Unitron combines aesthetics, comfort, and functionality to create a variety of product lines available in multiple performance levels. Hearing instruments combine high performance technologies with aesthetics, comfort, and functionality. Flex options conveniently let you trial models so you can find a hearing aid that best suits your life, and if your needs change you can upgrade to a different device at any time.


  • Sound Conductor continuously monitors and adjusts the hearing aid settings to preserve natural sound quality
  • Speech zone and special awareness functionality automatically distinguishes background noise and pinpoints speech so you know who is speaking and what is being said
  • Rechargeable and swappable battery cells so you are never without power
  • Log your hearing aids usage statistics so our doctors can better help you during your next appointment
  • Connect directly to all your electronic devices and control everything from your smartphone

Widex hearing aids combine quality technology and digital innovation with advanced, natural sound solutions. ​They provide fully customizable products that offer a full spectrum of sound solutions that amplifying soft sound and adjusting loud noises for comfort in multiple technology levels and styles. Widex product designs come in four performance levels, ranging in price and sophistication.


  • Easily customizable, discreet device designs available in multiple color options
  • Extended battery life
  • COM-DEX hands-free streaming solutions transmit sound from smartphones to help hearing in noisy environments
  • Noise reduction detects audio and speech automatically for a better listening experience
  • True-Input technology features a sound input range up to 113 dB SPL