Your hearing aids are with you all day long, playing a crucial role in your social interactions and daily conversations. In order to have uninterrupted enjoyment, it’s important to perform proper care and maintenance on your devices. Regular cleanings that you do yourself, paired with routine maintenance visits to your audiologist, will provide you with years of reliable hearing.

While modern hearing aids are powerful machines designed to help you lead a normal life, they still need protection from external forces. Below are just a few ways you can help maintain your hearing aids and allow you to hear for a long time.

Keep Them Dry

Even though some hearing aids are now made to be water resistant, it is still important to remove them before you bathe, shower, or go swimming. Hearing aids are sophisticated technology and when they are exposed to moisture it can cause serious damage. If they are exposed to water, dry them immediately with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid using high heat devices such as hairdryers and microwaves to dry them since it can cause damage to the inside of the device. Contact your audiologist if you think your hearing aids need further evaluation.

Properly Store Them

Hearing aids are very sensitive to moisture and heat, so you should never put them down in the kitchen or bathroom, or store them near a source of heat. When you are not using your hearing aids, store them in a dry, high place away from pets and children. This will not only prevent them from being knocked over and damaged but also provide you with a safe place to retrieve them when needed.

Clean Them Regularly

When you remove your hearing aids for the night, check for dirt and grime. Avoid using wipes with alcohol or chemicals when cleaning, as certain chemicals can damage the electronic parts of the hearing aid. Special sprays can be bought to help disinfect and clean the pieces safely. Never use pointed objects when cleaning the devices and only use specially designed brushes. Your audiologist can provide you with special cleaning tools so that you can properly clean your hearing aids.

Earwax is another factor to consider when cleaning your devices. Since hearing aids sit in a moist, warm environment, it can cause earwax to build up. Be sure to wipe off any earwax that may have accumulated on the device with a soft brush or cloth.

Cleaning them at night will allow several hours for them to properly air out before you use them the next day. If you can keep up on daily maintenance, you can reduce the number of unwarranted repairs.

The audiologists at Bluegrass Hearing Clinic not only provide you with professional maintenance and upkeep of your hearing devices, but also can instruct you on proper care of your hearing aids. For more information, contact us at (859) 900-0372.