Hearing aids are a wonder of modern technology. With their help, numerous people today who have various levels of hearing loss can still perceive sound. However, like every electronic device, they need to be properly maintained to help them function properly and last long. Read on to learn a few tips on how to take care of hearing aid devices.

Avoid soaking them in water.

Water can severely damage your hearing aids. Even if most devices are built to be water resistant, this doesn’t mean they can withstand prolonged exposure or immersion in liquid. When you soak them, water can still enter through the small openings in the device and short-circuit the sensitive electronics within.So, don’t soak these devices in water or wash them under the faucet. It’s also best to take them off before swimming, taking a shower, or entering a steam room to lessen unnecessary exposure to moisture.

Frequently remove earwax buildup.

Many hearing aid models have components that rest in the ear canal. The presence of the device in the ear can stimulate and increase earwax production. This substance often adheres to the hearing aid’s ear canal component. The wax can build up around it and affect the device’s overall functionality.To prevent this from happening, you should practice good hearing aid care and regularly clean your devices. Make it a habit to use a cotton swab or a soft dry cloth every night to remove earwax and any oils that may have adhered to them throughout the day.

Keep them away from hair products and makeup.

Earwax isn’t the only substance that can build up on your device. Hair products, such as sprays and waxes, along with makeup, can accumulate on its surface with constant use. They can block the microphone or speaker component and hamper the hearing aid’s performance. So, avoid applying hair products and makeup while wearing your device. Make sure that these substances have dried properly before putting the hearing aid on again.

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