Technology has evolved over the years to address the different concerns of people who are deaf and hard of hearing. Aside from the various advancements in hearing aid equipment, companies have developed numerous assistive listening devices.

These were initially hand-held devices that received and amplified particular sounds for the user. However, recent developments have added more functionalities to these wonderful pieces of technology. Read on to learn about different ways one can use an assistive listening device today.

One-to-One Conversation

Sometimes, it can be hard to communicate with someone when you are in a crowded area or noisy environment. Too many competing noises can easily drown out the voice of the person you are speaking to. But with an assistive listening device, you can zero in on what someone is saying. They can speak into the device’s microphone, and the sound of their voice can be transmitted to your hearing aid, allowing you to perceive their speech clearly without much background noise.

Attending Events in Public Places

It can get quite difficult to hear what is going on during an event in a large public place, like an auditorium, classroom, or even a movie theatre. Even if the facilities have the best speaker system, a basic hearing aid might not be able to pick up the sound without some distortion.

However, some assistive listening device models can directly tap into a compatible sound system’s signal. Many modern public facilities ensure that their system can cater to such devices. Through the assistive listening device, the sound can be transmitted to your hearing aid, making it a mini-speaker that plays directly into your ear.

Watching TV

The sound that comes through your television speakers can also be distorted by your hearing aid. People often turn up the volume and create a lot of noise to hear what they are watching. But even then, the sound may still get distorted.

The good news is, there are assistive listening device models today that can connect with more advanced television systems. They will directly transmit the signal into your hearing aid device and allow it to play the sound directly.

Learn More About Assistive Listening Devices

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