If you are a part of the approximately 20% of Americans suffering from hearing loss and have decided that hearing aids are the way to go, you will want to choose the right brand and type the first time. While the hearing clinic that you visit will offer some suggestions, if you come into the appointment with some idea of what you are looking for (And what you can afford), you can make things go much more smoothly. Below are a few of the more popular models, along with some additional information regarding each:

1. Oticon

Oticon brand put a large emphasis on comfort. If you are 65 or older (1 in 3 people age 65 or older experiences hearing loss), you are likely looking to enjoy your golden years of life. If you travel or drive a lot, you will want a comfortable hearing aid. Oticon also prides itself on offering durable hearing aids that can go with you. Nobody wants to be on a fun trip, then suddenly drop their hearing aid and break it, ruining their vacation. Their hearing aids also help those affected by loud sounds (About 26 million Americans between 20 and 69 have a hearing impairment related to extremely loud sounds) by blocking sounds louder than 93 decibels (louder than a noisy factory or motorcycle). They also block sounds at 80 db so as to block out background noise. During your next hearing clinic appointment, ask about Oticon hearing aids, or visit the above link for more information about their hearing aids.

2. Phonak

Phonak’s goal is to simplify hearing aids for everyone. They streamline the use of hearing aids to make them user-friendly, hoping to make them “as simple and routine as eyeglasses or contact lenses”. They also offer a model that will connect directly to any Bluetooth phone, making conversations easy.

3. ReSound

ReSound hearing aids are aimed at being high end, aiming at a holistic approach to hearing. One feature offered is natural directionality. They also offer wind protection so you can hear clearly in any weather. Sound localization helps the hearing aid detect where a person’s voice is coming from, making conversations easier. They also offer the first made-for-Apple hearing aids, allowing for music streaming straight from your iPhone.

4. Widex

Widex offers several kids of sophisticated solutions for hearing loss. By utilizing technology in new and exciting ways, Widex has created a suite of products that have opened up new possibilities for those with hearing loss. Not just focusing on the hearing aid itself, Widex has products that allow for television and other devices to transmit directly to the wearer’s hearing aid.

Other Brands

Below is a list of a few other great brands offered at Bluegrass Hearing Clinic:




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